Skip Factory stocks hook lift bins ranging from 6 cubic meters to 36 cubic meters – we can also do custom builds too. Our hook lift bins are engineered to the highest standards and are available:-

  • with a galvanized finish
  • painted in your colours
  • stenciled
  • as a crane rated skip
  • for a highly competitive price

Size and Internal Dimensions

6m3 Hook Lift Dimensions




8m3 Hook Lift Dimensions




10m3 Hook Lift Dimensions





12m3 Hook Lift Dimensions




15m3 Hook Lift Dimensions




20m3 Hook Lift Dimensions





25m3 Hook Lift Dimensions




30m3 Hook Lift Dimensions




36m3 Hook Lift Dimensions





White 15m Hook Lift Bin | Skip Factory

Get the Most from Your Hook Lift Bins!

2.5m, 4.5m and 6m hooks Nestled together



Skip Factory also do smaller hook lift bins that nestle into each other for cheaper and easier delivery. These range from 2.5 cubic meters to 14 cubic. This means one transport cost – 3 hook lift skip bins!

Skip Factory currently offers the following two packages:-

2.5m3 – packed into a 4.5m3 – packed into a 6m3 hook lift bin. (As shown in the picture).
8m3 – packed into a 12m3 – packed into a 14m3 hook lift bin.




Skip Factory can also offer hook lift bins that stack into each other. We offer a stackable design in 4m3-20m3 – these can be painted or galvanised.

When travelling long distances this design has some advantages over our standard designs – they take up less space to transport which can greatly impact the cost.


Stacked Bins - Skip Factory



Skip Factory offer a wide range of customer designed hook lift flat beds to suit your needs.

There many options that can be included such as:-

  • container locks
  • fixed and removable ramps
  • rope rails
  • chain tie down points and many more.

Contact us and we will work with you to deign a hook lift tray to suit your needs.

Hook Lift Tray - Skip Factory



We are now manufacturing container hook lift bins! Made to order!

Please contact Mickey for further information or to order.

PH: 07 5437 7554