Skip Factory stocks forklift tipping bins ranging from 0.5 cubic meters to 3 cubic meters – we can do custom builds too. Our forklift tipping bins are engineered to the highest standards and are available:-

  • with a galvanized finish
  • painted in your colours
  • stenciled
  • as a crane rated skip
  • for a highly competitive price

Size / Internal Dimensions

0.5m3 Forklift Tipping Bins





1m3 Forklift Tipping Bins





1.5m3 Forklift Tipping Bins





2m3 Forklift Tipping Bins





3m3 Forklift Tipping Bins






Suits most forklifts

Designed to take loads to a bigger hook lift bin

Unique self tipping mechanism

Can be operated my a single person

Base and Sides 3mm Plate Steel

Fully Welded inside and out

Reinforced with forklift pads

2m3 Forklift Tipping Bin - Skip Factory
3m grey primed forklift tipping bin on the forklift forks