About Skip Factory: we are a family run business that genuinely cares. We get to know our customers, provide great service and quality skips of all shapes and sizes.


We are a tightly knit group that work hard behind the scenes to make sure Skip Factory runs as smoothly as possible. Mickey, Debbie, Dene and Ashleigh are in the front of house and probably the faces our customers recognise. Liam, Josh and team are in the back, working hard to produce the high quality our customers enjoy.

We have Skip Bins, Front Lift Bins, Rear Lift Bins, Lockable Skips, Forklift Bins, Hook Lift Bins and so much more for sale now at highly competitive prices!

SKIP FACTORY was established specifically to service the waste management industry. We supply industrial bins across the waste management, mining and resource sectors. As a leading company in the industry we are able to assist you with customized designs including bins to suit your current fleet.

With each bin you order we can paint in your company colours to further improve your company’s image with great looking bins. We  are a leading supplier of skip, front lift, hook lift and patent pending lockable bins. Our bins are made from high quality steel and welded inside and out for long lasting performance.