18 Nov 2015

Skip Factory Stocked Bins Skip Factory Stocked Up on BinsSkip Factory has worked hard to stock up on bins of all shapes and size in an attempt to cater for the demand over the Christmas and New Year period.

This is always a big time of year as businesses prepare to close one year and open a fresh one with new bins and a clean start.

As you can see, the factory in Warana is packed to the hills! Some bins are painted and ready to be delivered already, while others have been manufactured and waiting for your order.

Ordered today and On The Truck within 3 Business Days!*


*Conditions Apply – Orders must be placed and paid for in full before delivery. Delivery time is dependent on transport methods and areas.
Skip Factory will be closing on Christmas Eve and re-opening on the 4th January – Please make sure you get your orders in to us in plenty of time in order to avoid disappointment.


02 Apr 2015

The future of waste just got a whole lot more exciting. A $5M Waste Less Recycle More grant will help build a new refuse-derived fuel facility at Global Renewable’s Eastern Creek site, UR-3R, west of Sydney.

While the UR-3R site receives about 220,000 tonnes of household rubbish each year, 66% of it is either recyclable or organic matter. The remaining 33% is headed for landfill.

This new project will mean that only 5% of that waste will end up as landfill in the future. A staggering 90% of rubbish currently going to landfill will be turned into renewable fuel to create electricity.

This is great news, offering a renewable alternative to fossil fuels like coal AS WELL AS helping to solve the landfill problem.
Watch this space!

skip factory



02 Apr 2015

lockable skip bin

Lockable Skip Bin

Builders are getting sick and tired of other people using their on-site skip bins. Many are complaining that they come back to work after the weekend to find the skip bin full of rubbish.

This disturbing trend will have an impact on costs and will end up being paid for by home buyers. Many builders are finding they have to price extra bins into their quotes.

Master Builders’ regional manager for Mackay and Whitsunday region, Malcom Hull, has stated that the problem is becoming very widespread. With dump fees on the rise this is a problem that won’t be going away any time soon.

While many builders are installing surveillance cameras to deter after hours ‘litter bugs’ from using their skips, Skip Factory has another solution – the lockable skip bin. Although the lockable bin is a little more expensive than the conventional skip bin, it is easy to see that over time having a lockable bin will save builders lots of time, effort and money.

Lockable skip bins can be customized with a range of different lid and size configurations.

Check out this short video to find out more.